The exhibition

When Valentino sold his collection nobody expected it would end up in the Netherlands. How did that come about?

Well, a few years earlier, he had met Michel Kappen, owner of Scotch Whisky International and a true whisky enthusiast, who asked Valentino to consider him, should he ever want to sell his collection. They really hit it of, and Michel promised Valentino that if he bought the collection, he would keep it intact for at least 10 years and would build a special exhibition for it.

Now this permanent exhibition of Valentino Zagatti’s whisky’s is called “The Unseen Valentino Zagatti collection” Officially opened by Mr. Zagatti himself on 9 october 2018.

Some special gems...

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Should you be able to visit this collection you will find absolute whisky gems like:

  • Four bottles of Parkmore, of a total of six world wide. That are still in existence. This distillery was closed in the begin of the 1930’s after just producing for about 35 years.
  • A Glen Grant 1877, which is the oldest vintage of a single malt whisky in the world.
  • Glenmorangie port, sherry and madeira wood finish. The first series of whisky’s that received a finish in a different type of cask. Thus starting a trend.
  • The “Extra Special” bottle bij Delva Distillery. Scotch whisky from casks that were captured from the English bij field marshal Erwin Rommel in North Africa during the WWII. Shipped to Italy and later found by the allies who then asked the italian distillery Delva to bottle the whisky.
  • Bell’s “Water of Life” 8 years old bottle with whisky’s history on it’s label.
  • The Glenlivet “The Original Kiltie”. A bottle with a very unusual shape.
  • “An Italian Passion”, which was the first bottle in Valentino’s collection.