“A well organized museum would demonstrate that this collection is history and therefore culture”

About Valentino Zagatti

Valentino (Rino) Zagatti was born into a farming family at Filo di Argenta in the countryside around Ferrara, Italy. He went blind at the age of 11 years. After primary school he studied the piano and accordion. Upon finishing school he continued to play the accordion, competing on national and international level against sighted people and always gaining first place for this instrument.

– In 1955

He married Jole, afterwards moving to Lugo di Ravenna where they had two children. Two years later, in 1957, he received his accordion teaching diploma at Rome’s Lanaro academy.

– From 1957 to 1960

He quit smoking and spent the money for 12 cigarettes a day “something more interesting and real, something which would remain”. I thought about buying a bottle of distillate each month from every country worldwide, i.e. cognac, rum, grappa, vodka… and whisky’s. In 1960 he had twenty beautiful bottles and it was to be the start of the collection.

– From 1960 on

In the decades to come, this collection grew to more than 3.000 exclusive bottles. Literally filling the Zagatti family home from the floor to the ceilings. Only the master bedroom and bathroom were “spared”. Finally, in 2015, his wife and children convinced him to sell his unique collection.